My Pottery

My Pottery
The spark for my work comes from my heart and goes through my hands. As the clay spins on the wheel, there is an intention and a communication. I hope that when you touch these pots, you are reminded of the mystery of being alive on this amazing earth.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

This day in April!

This week the Paradise City arts Buzz e-newletter has published an article with some background on my life and work!! <> It has a reference to this group of sculptures:

Guides and Guardian

I am so happy to be the guest of Tiffany Hilton  at the Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail this year. We will set up in her studio on May 30 and April 1st at the Pine Street Studios in Florence Mass.
Tiffany is an amazing potter and teacher and has great organizational skills all in one beautiful person. Check out her website at <>
We are all working away and firing new pots for that event!
Visit the AVPT website at <>.
I hope to see you there!